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Spring is here, sunshine days ahead...

Even though it doesn't feel like it yet, Spring is here and we know soon we'll be basking in sunshine, enjoying outings with your loved ones and friends making new memories and we hope to be a part of that in some small way!

We also know that here at SqueezeD we've got some yummy-licious stuff happening as we introduce a NEW bowl to our menu called The Mermaid bowl (Spirulina), some awesome Side Squeeze goodness like our new Avocado Toast and more, so be sure to stop by and ask us what's the squeeze!

In the meantime, check out a couple of things we've got going on now...


We Heard You!

You asked for it, we're bringing it to you. You can now choose from a new beverage size option. We're now serving 16oz, 20oz & 24oz freshly made beverages. AND we've changed our bowl size as well! So now you can enjoy your squeeze a little longer. A little extra goodness in the fresh vegetables and fruits can't hurt ya!

Mermaid Spirulina Bowl Topped w/ Fresh Fruit and Garnish

New Large Size 24oz

Avocado Toast Is Here & It's Ridiculous!

This delicious blend of avocado & our secret spices, on 12 grain bread, paired with baby tomato, chia seeds and your choice of Balsamic Glaze or Raspberry Balsamic Glaze will leave you licking your fingers and craving some more.....

12 Grain Avocado Toast with chia seeds, tomato, balsalmic glaze

We will be closing our blog for an upgrade

We are revamping this page to bring you better content, wellness tips, recipes and more.....

If you want to stay in the squeeze until then, remember to sign up for our newsletter as we will be sending awesome messages about events, sales, community engagement and more.

Until then, ENJOY YOUR SPRING!!!

Squeeze Ya Soon!!!

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