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Online Ordering Is here!

Online Ordering is Now Available!

One of our goals for 2019 was to get our menu online to make it easier for you to get squeezed! It was important to us to not use a 3rd party ordering system or vendor for one reason, to keep the quality of the product at the highest of standards and not have it compromised by a delivery system that does not have the same integrity with our products as we do.

Plus, we save money and that means, YOU save money as well. By using a 3rd party delivery vendor, most small businesses have to give up a hefty fee (ranging anywhere from 22%-30%) for each order and some even a $500 sign up fee, making it very difficult for the small business to actually make money. Most small businesses then raise their prices to justify the costs, and most times, YOU pay that difference.

We wanted to offer our delicious & fresh products to you while keeping the same integrity & prices we started our business with! Did we mention it's FREE DELIVERY?!

You can now order your favorite bowl, whether it's Acai or Pitaya with your favorite sides and dressings or your favorite smoothie from the comfort of your phone, iPad or laptop at home, work or on the go. Ordering is available for free delivery (In the Bayonne Area) & pickup! Visit us & #getsqueezed

Click below and get your order in! As always, thanks for all of your support!!!


Online Menu Ordering

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