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Thank You For A Great Year!

Before we get into the squeeze of things and before the new year comes in, we wanted to take a moment to thank you, our customers, friends & family for a great year and a great 1st year in Bayonne, NJ. So many things happened that were amazing! We've met and continue to meet good people every day. We've made new friends and have become part of a great community. We've had nutrition, yoga and juicing classes, yoga and meditation workshops, rock painting for kindness rocks nights, art night and so much more and plan on continuing to create events for the community in mind. Our CEO trained and became a certified yoga and meditation teacher, bringing another part of wellness that is so important to us to this community, offering free yoga every last Saturday of month. So, we want to thank YOU because with you, we would not have been able to do all of that. From our family to yours, we wish you a safe, happy, joyful, peaceful and healthy new year! Now for the squeeze...


Here’s whats new at Squeeze’D!

New Shot Alert!

Introducing Liquid Life. This little bottle of liquid gold made with fresh garlic, turmeric, ginger, lemon and honey has the power to boost your system, support your autoimmune system, support in fighting colds and so much more. This little bad boy is NOT for the faint and as the winter weather settles in, we really need to prepare ourselves the natural way!

This EXPLOSIVE shot has amazing benefits to offer:

Lowers Cholesterol, Lower Blood Pressure, Fights Colds, Boost Physical Performance, Detoxifies Heavy Metals, Anti Inflammatory, Boost Brain Function, Boost Antioxidants, Natural Probiotic, Reduce Pain & Soreness, Digestive Issues, Helps with Osteoarthritis, Reduce Menstrual Pain, Kidney Stones, Seasonal Allergies. This is just a little of what this amazing powerful shot can do for your system on a daily basis.


Wellness at Squeeze’D

Join us on any of these evenings for some yoga, meditation & juice See our schedule below & come share some mat time with us. Mats are available or bring your own. Click photo to get details of classes and to sign up.

Yoga Page

Meditation Corner

Why Meditate?

Meditation lies at the heart of any yoga practice. Once you feel comfortable practicing the asanas and breathing exercises, you will feel more relaxed in your body. When you sit to practice meditation, your physical body release first. Once you feel settled, the kid begins to slow down, bringing the objector your concentration into sharper focus. Then it will seem like a natural step to pay more attention o your mind by practicing meditation. This brings greater mental and emotional balance and, eventually, inner peace. Here are some reasons why we should meditate.

Physical Benefits

During meditation, the distractions of the world around you disappear and the parasympathetic nervous system gently brings about a sense of relaxation and balance. Your heartbeat and respiratory rate slow and your internal organs are rested. Research shows that meditation stimulates the immune system, too, promoting health and protecting against illness.

Mental Benefits

It is all but impossible to precent the mind leaping from one though to another. During meditation, you simply learn how to focus on the present. This prevents your mind from dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. As you mind becomes more focused, confusion gives way to clarity. You find that you can face the conflicts that disturb your mental peace and you discover creative, positive solutions to those conflicts. This brings about a greater feeling of self-control, inner satisfaction, and a sense of purpose.

Spiritual Benefits

As your meditation practice deepens, you will gain glimpses of a state of being that you have probably never experienced before. You may feel as ilife's clouds have dissipated and you can see more blue sky. You will have a sense of greater inner space, well-being, positivity, and a real feeling of trust in the goodness of life. You will start to realize that beyond the familiar world of thoughts and emotions lies a whole new realm of consciousness. Your sense of yourself will expanse beyond an awareness of your body and your mind and, ultimately, you will experience a feeling of unity with everything around you.

From The Book:

Yoga Your Home Practice Companion

Sivananda Vendanta Center

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