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We’re Back & Spring IS Here!

So we are BACK & feel replenished and ready for the new season!

We visited New Orleans and we’re so excited to see that we are in great company as we visited some juice & Wellness bars that flow along the same beliefs and principles we do. 

It was truly refreshing to realize that we are NOT the only Juice & Wellness Bar (even though we are the ONLY one in Bayonne, NJ & surrounding areas doing what we do and how we do it), that believe juicing goes hand in hand with all things wellness related such as yoga, meditation, nutrition and holistic healing.  

It’s totally fantastic being able to create a warm loving space that is a safe & a none judge-mental place where juicing, wellness and education come together for the greater good of community health & holistic healing. 

We knew that big corporate juicing was NOT the only way to go as a juicing business and that wellness plays right into the way many of us desire to live. It’s taught us a really valuable lesson: Stay true to the vision and forge ahead with passion, love & faith! Whew!!!  And we THANK YOU for your continued support! The awareness is happening and we are PUMPED about it!

Now we know there are still some chilly days ahead but it is true. Spring IS here and we’re excited that our favorite season has arrived albeit slowly. Check out some of our super awesome events this month at Squeeze’D! 

Please remember to register/signup/RSVP as soon as you know you wanna get Squeeze’D because spaces are limited and have been filling quickly! 

We hope to see ya & Squeeze ya soon!! 

April 8, 2018

Sunday, 4:30 

90 Minutes 

3rd Edition of Beginners Yoga Workshop with Samantha Cagman 

For More Info or to Signup Click HERE  and go to the Wellness At Squeeze’D Tab.

April 10, 2018


60 Minutes 

Yoga + Juice with Jessica Namit

Info & Signup Click HERE and go to Wellness At Squeeze’D Tab.

April 15, 2018


1 Hour

The Skinny On Fat

Nutrition Workshop - RSVP Required 

RSVP HERE & go to contact us.

Stay tuned as we still have some goodies up our sleeve for April AND some really cool stuff for families & kids in May! 

We hope to see you at the shop! 

586 Avenue C ~ Bayonne,NJ

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